Find Legal Assistance

The San Joaquin County Court’s website offers a list of resources and referrals for the area on a downloadable pdf available here.

San Joaquin County Bar Association

The San Joaquin County Bar Association refers members of the public to experienced attorneys in San Joaquin County. Click here to be redirected to the San Joaquin County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service.

State Bar of California

The State Bar of California is an excellent resource for questions relating to attorney representation. If you have a legal issue outside of San Joaquin County, the State Bar of California Lawyer Referral Service provides the contact information for the Bar Associations, in California, nearest to you.

American Bar Association

The American Bar Association is another excellent resource for questions relating to attorney representation, and for finding an attorney outside of California. Click here for a direct link to the American Bar Association Lawyer Referral Directory.


Upsolve is a non-profit organization that offers bankruptcy information and assistance to low-income members of the public. Click here to be directed to Upsolve.