Find Your Court

When filing with the court, it is imperative that the correct jurisdiction and venue are identified. Jurisdiction relates to a particular court’s ability to hear and decide a case. Venue relates to the actual location of the court, which will hear and decide a case. If you would like more information on Jurisdiction and Venue, please refer to the California Courts Self-Help section on Jurisdiction and Venue.

Below is a brief list of locally sought-after courts, specific to the San Joaquin County area. The court you are seeking may, or may not, be included on the list. Finding your local court can be difficult without guidance. Fortunately, the California Courts website has a feature that allows you to Find Your Local Court.

Local Courts

Federal Courts

REMINDER: most courts have multiple buildings. Confirm you have the correct address, and a parking location, before making a trip


There is an online portal offered to file documents at the Superior Court of San Joaquin County as well as for Federal Courts. The links can be found below.