The information on this website is intended to assist patrons with their legal research and is in no way intended to replace the counsel of an attorney. Any decisions about how to proceed must be determined by the patron. The library staff can recommend and refer you to print and web-based resources that will help you find answers to your law-related questions. However, the staff at the San Joaquin County Law Library cannot explain or interpret the law itself and we are not permitted to give legal advice.

With the increasing cost of litigation pro se litigants, or parties representing themselves without the assistance of an attorney, are more common (ABA Journal, 2010). To assist the pro se litigant, the San Joaquin County Law Library offers a wide range of NOLO self-help books and compiled manuals sourced from the Judicial Council of California, which are also available on the California Courts website. Our catalog is available online for inquiry. The law library also provides access to online resources, such as EBSCO (NOLO), which can assist the pro se litigant on a user-friendly platform.

The San Joaquin County Law Library makes every effort possible to assist pro se litigants with locating resources, but law librarians are not attorneys, and cannot fill in forms or offer legal advice.

The Law Library CAN direct the pro se litigant to resources such as: finding a formfinding a court, or finding legal assistance; providing books and manuals with relevant information regarding application and procedure, performing an online search to provide the patron with relevant information, suggesting search terms, and teaching legal research techniques.

If you are still unsure about where to find help for your legal issue, please visit our finding legal assistance page, which contains various resources and referral sites pertaining to obscure legal issues.