Member Services

Circulation Policy

Circulation of books is extended to local attorneys, in good standing with the California State Bar Association, only. Members of the public are free to browse, copy, and review any of our available collections, but may not check out books.

Books can be checked out for three days. After three days, charges will accrue.

Late fee charge per day: $10

After-Hours Membership

Eligibility:       Access to the San Joaquin County Law Library, during hours when the library is not open, is granted only to attorneys who are: eligible to practice law in California, reside or maintain an office in San Joaquin County, and have paid the annual after-hours membership fee.  Copies of a government-issued photo identification, current California State Bar Association card, and proof of residence or business address are required.

Use:     Keys given to an applicant for after-hours use are only to be used by the applicant.  After-hours access does not extend to family members, firm members or staff members.  Students and paralegals are not eligible for after-hours access.

Circulation of Materials:      Law Library materials may NOT be removed from the Law Library after-hours.  Removal of materials will cause a revocation of after-hours access.  Attorneys may request that materials be held for them to check out during hours of operation by stacking requested materials on the credenza behind the front desk with a note.  Checked-out materials may be returned after-hours by being placed in the book drop at the front desk.

Membership Fees:     After-hours membership is $60.00 per fiscal year, due by September 1st of each year.  The Law Library will bill after-hours members by mail each July.  If a member should misplace his/her Law Library keys, replacement keys will be provided for $20.00. Memberships are prorated each month after September.

If you are interested in after-hours access, please review the full After-Hours Membership Policy and Agreement, available here. Please sign and submit the After-Hours Membership Agreement in person, along with proof of residency in San Joaquin County, and your California State Bar Association card.